let us talk.

let us talk

about how peak my skin is at this time of my life. and how i found a new facial mask and it felt amazing and will help me maintain my peakness

let us also talk about how i need a new laptop.

who will sponsor me? 

let us also talk about how i went to the store to print out pictures that my grandmother has wanted for the past few weeks from graduations and proms. and how in one camera we used an old sd care of my father’s. and how when i inserted the sd card into the machine in a public area, porn was the first thing to pop up. and immediately thought it was some homemade shit and i was ready to gun for his fucking life for shit like that. but then i saw it was downloaded and i’m going to pray that it was just that and judge him from the side like i normally do cause porn is ugh and makes me want to throw up. i still remember those texts from some bitch on his phone. its like, i was reminded why i don’t want to get married and many days i’m not favorable to relationships— i haven’t seen a healthy one in a while. then i remember what toni morrison said once, about having a period of love for someone and then moving on. about not being static and there being a time for that shit. and i feel at peace.

speaking of porn, that porn blog that followed me. find jesus and get the fuck away from me. 


if i’m actively trying to move past it

why the fuck is this person actively popping up in my dreams. i don’t like this shit. i don’t want to go to sleep. i’m annoyed more than anything. my dreams tell me things often and i’m having a hard time deciphering this. i’m just constantly remembering and being reminded that people will always disappoint you, even those who you least expect it from. 

i rode on the outreach bus tonight. it was nice but i’m going to get my permit tomorrow and hopefully get my license by the end of the summer i can’t deal with harassment on CTA anymore. like i’m just trying to read a book why must crusty niggas stay approaching me. pops had to pick me up after the run cause i was in south shore, and he was saying that ‘your appearance matters, it dictates how men approach you’ and i don’t know how to make this any clearer but i truly give not a fuck in my soul anymore. like if that is how ur  basing ur  opinion of me on then it sucks to suck for you. like fuck off. 

i’ve been working out/ improving my diet. i won’t lie i don’t feel comfortable thinking i’m fat. it’s a personal thing that I can’t do. i just want to be fit and healthy and not having a stomach is a  part of that mentally for me. sometimes i’m good and sometimes i’m not there and it makes me feel sad. but then i’m remember that there are some people at my school that actively do not shower and get laid an that my skin is clear and even and soft and that i have been blessed with things that others have to actively work for. 

i will never support the usa in the world cup and if i hear one more person talk about lupe fiasco’s crusty ass downtown i’m bopping every ankh nigga i see. 

this might be the summer of white boy thrist and i wish i loved myself better but i’m lowkey plotting on the dick and i’m confused because its the first time in a while i’m done so over a white male. ugh. 





i wasnt ready



Lakshmi Menon @ Women

NOT. FOR. TERRY!!!! mangoestho:

Lakshmi Menon @ Women

NOT. FOR. TERRY!!!! mangoestho:

Lakshmi Menon @ Women

NOT. FOR. TERRY!!!! mangoestho:

Lakshmi Menon @ Women



Lakshmi Menon @ Women


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Do the lightskinned face ayeee

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Janelle Monáe- PrimeTime (ft. Miguel)

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Came across this amazing 2010 interview with Steve Struggle, former Black Panther Party and veteran of the Black liberation struggle where he discusses issues related to the history of the Black Panther Party, COINTELPRO, U.S. imperialism, communism, revolutionary nationalism, and Third Worldism. Here are the links: Part 1: Part 2Part 3: Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7

“But the Black male consciousness must be raised to the realization that sexism and woman-hating are critically dysfunctional to his liberation as a Black man because they arise out of the same constellation that engenders racism and homophobia. Until that consciousness is developed, Black men will view sexism and the destruction of Black women as tangential to Black liberation rather than as central to that struggle. So long as this occurs, we will never be able to embark upon that dialogue between Black women and Black men that is so essential to our survival as a people.”
— Audre Lorde (via hiphopcheerleader)

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